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GU934 Lift & Slide has been developed to be convenient and durable with safety in mind. 

The cost-effective GU934 offers various advantages, including easy assembly, increased safety for the standard version using security bolts, low-threshold version for wheelchair access, and an insulated support.

Lift & Slide action, operated by the door handle, allows the sliding leaf to drop a few millimetres in the closed position, compressing the weather-seals, and engaging the door into 4 locking points around the frame, for high security and draught-proofing. An internal cylinder lock provides added security. There is a secure ventilation position, and the door can also be lowered at any point along its track to prevent it from moving whilst open.  When the sash is lifted, the seals disengage with the frame allowing a smooth friction free operation, even on large doors.

GU934 lift and slide doors can be used in a wide variety of the applications to give wide access to gardens, decks and patios during the summer, and to open up a room to bring daylight in whilst keeping the weather and intruders out. Widely used in hospitals, schools, nursuries, day care centres and visitors centres etc, as well as luxury houses and apartments. Another advantage of the ‘Lift & Slide system’ is that it requires very little space, useful where the installation of conventional swing open doors and windows would not be possible or be obtrusive.

The aesthetic appearance of the door is pleasing and always in harmony with the architectural requirements of the building. The system is very flexible and allows the customer to close very wide openings by installing a series of multiple ‘Lift & Slide’ doors.

The size of the framing and the need for the safe and silent movement of the sliding doors requires hardware of adequate resistance and precision. The GU934 hardware systems satisfy every possible requirement. Assemblies with one or more moveable doors can be installed with no limit number.

- 200Kg max. panel weight. Can be used for 56mm and 68mm panel thickness
- Support profile for fixed door not included

Full kits includes - please use drop down menu to order:-

All componets, weatherseals, cylinders and locking internal handle with external pull in silver

If you require any further help or technical information please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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