Trykvent Canopies

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Trykvent Recessed Clip-fix Slot Ventilator

The Trykvent is an unobtrusive semi-recessed plastic ventilator that fits over a 16mm slot* in a timber window.
It is specifically designed for high performance timber windows and is ideal for both new build or refurbished situations.

When fitted correctly, the Trykvent seals extremely well when closed whilst offering a higher Equivalent Area (EA) than most other similar vents available.

Tested in accordance with BS EN 13141-1:2004 (airflow, air leakage and weather tightness).

It's available in White, Brown or Grey (Grey is Special Order).

* Slot detail for TA7701 / TA0654 should also include a 386 x 23 x 22mm recess for the ventilator

* Slot detail for TA7702 / TA6057 should also include a 280 x 23 x 22mm recess for the ventilator

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