Spiral Sash Balances

Spiral Sash Balances
The combination of stainless steel spiral rod torsion and tension springs produces a self contained balance device capable of maintaining the equilibrium of a sash window at any point in the travel of the sash. Travel stops are supplied with all balances and must be fitted as they prevent the balance from over extending.

- All balances are supplied with a white, PVC-U outer tube as standard (grey, brown, black and cream are special offer).
- The easiest and most user friendly adjustment feature on the market
- British made
- 'D' & 'F' types in stock for next day delivery
- Also fittings supplied at no extra charge

'D' type non-tensioned balances
(screwdriver adjustment)
A range of light duty, economical balances for domestic and commercial applications. All 'D' type balances are adjustable within their eight range to suit actual glazed sash weights.

'F', 'K', & 'M' type pre-tensioned balances
(screwdriver adjustment)
A screwdriver allows for fine adjustment on-site. The dual action of the torsion and tension springs work to give an assisted lift, thus making the operation easier even in heavier installations.

'K' & 'M'
balances are manufactured to order and cannot be exchanged, therefore the accurate glazed sash weight muct be provided.

Spiral Sash Balances