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Weatherfold 4s

The latest in a long line of innovation, Weatherfold 4s brings numerous new and exciting features, making it the smartest choice for exterior folding door hardware.

New locking mechanism with no loose parts
The new push button locking mechanism is a stand-out element and is consistent across all hangers and pivots. It has no loose parts that can be misplaced during installation. Easy adjustment for faster installation, the locking mechanism provides easy vertical adjustment. Featuring automatic locking technology, the system self locks as soon as the push button is released, ensuring that the panel always remains set. The only system on the market that is fully suited in four finishes, so that your Weatherfold 4s hardware will match perfectly with the rest of your hardware.

- Manufactured from 316 and 304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
- 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty
- PAS24:2012 accreditation
- Secured by Design
- Brio UK has achieved ISO9001
- UK manufactured to control quality

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