Weatherfold 4c

The Weatherfold 4c system eliminates the need for a reinforced structural beam above the opening, as all the doors weight is carried by bottom rollers.

Bottom-rolling type systems are particularly favoured by architects, as the absence of the restricting top beam also means there is more room for design creativity.

The Weatherfold 4c systems is more than just a combination of individual hardware parts, it is a carefully designed system, with all the features working in unison to create an incredibly functional and elegant system.

Designed to handle panels up to 75kg with precision and ease. With up to 8 equal size panels folding seamlessly in each direction, it creates openings up to 3.3m high and 16m wide. Suitable for timber doors, Weatherfold 4c is a complete system that includes pivot sets, roller sets, hinge sets, top guide, bottom sill, frame seals, locking and flush bolt options.

- Available in stainless steel
- Self draining hybrid sill
- Mortice or non mortice hinge available
- 75kg weight carrying capacity
- 10 year mechanical guarantee
- Unique patented roller with self cleaning brush system
- Products manufactured from Grade 304 and 316 Stainless Steel
- Lateral adjustment
- Security hinges as standard
- Outward opening only

Weatherfold 4c