The Easytilt slide and tilt mechanism provides high performance, friction free sashes whilst allowing them to tilt inward for easy and safe cleaning from inside the building.

- Manufacturered in Somerset, UK
- Simple fixings
- Stainless steel spiral rods
- Dual tension springs with a semi-flexible outer tube
- Trueglide F & K balances are delivered pre-tensioned for ease of fabrication*
- All balances can be adjusted with a screwdriver for easy on site adjustment
- Combination of spiral rod torsion and tension spings produce a smooth operating easy to use balance, capable of maintaining the equilibrium of the window at any point

- Pivot bar kits all slide in and out for quick release and ease of maintenance
- Tilt restrictors are quick release and provide enhanced safety of the window for cleaning

*Mighty Balances can now be used with Easytilt for a more competitive option

For more information please call our Sales Team on 01752 854241.