Vision Bottom Rolling System

Vision is a bottom rolling system that allows the door to be supported from the bottom. This allows for an easier operation (especially on higher doors), and better control of the product with weight on the ground.

Having a system based off the floor eliminates the necessity of adjustment over the lifespan of the installation. Any possible deflection of the head of the opening is accommodated in the channel depth at the top. A bottom rolling system allows you to carry larger weights of doors without having to worry about structual support (a major problem in retro fit installations), and without having to concern yourself about constant adjustment over the lifespan of the doors. We have developed our system in such a way that there are no tracks or channels visable when the doors are in the closed position, making the Vision an ‘in-line’ system. This is a major benefit aesthetically as you don’t want to spend large amounts of money on a beautiful door, only to have the track and hanger staring you in the face for the life of the application.

Many systems on the market require the customer to use specific rebate profiles, and sometimes even specific door profiles for the systems to function correctly. With the Vision system, we specifically wanted the market to be able to continue making their door profiles and rebate profiles as they always have, thus taking unnecessary labour out of switching between swung, straight sliding and sliding folding systems.

Available in Silver anodised aluminium finish. Best performance is acheived when the door opens outwards, but the system can be adapted with a flat sill where inward opening is preferred, Vision does not include the doors.

If you require any further help or technical information please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Vision Bottom Rolling System