Weatherfold 4S Window / Interfold 35

The Weatherfold 4S Window & Interfold 35 utilise the same technology as the Weatherfold 4s door systems, but on a smaller scale.

High precision bearings, grooved wheel hangers and 316 cast Stainless Steel components are all standard features.

The compact structural aluminium 120 track profile serves to reduce the risk of contamination as debris is less likely to accumulate on the raised rails. The 120 track is available in clear anodised aluminium for improved corrosion resistance.

- Available in Satin or Polished Stainless Steel
- Small track detail for improved aesthetics
- Tested 35kg
- 6 panels in each direction, maximum of 12 panels
- Maximum height of 2.6m, maximum width of 1m
- Minimum panel thickness of 35mm
- Choice of 2 floor channels
- Any configuration
- 10 year mechanical guarantee
- Locking and non-locking shootbolts
- Height and width adjustment
- Non morticed hinges
- Handed system
- No channel option, max width 820mm

If you require any further help or technical information please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Weatherfold 4S Window / Interfold 35